November 18, 2011

A partly secret ratification process… How deep do you want to sink?

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The European Parliament partly released the legal service’s opinion on ACTA, but left out the analysis on ACTA. Why?

“Important trading partners of the EU, such as the United States, Canada, Japan, Korea and Switzerland are contracting parties to the ACTA agreement. Disclosure of the parts of the legal opinion under consideration dealing with questions 1, 2 and 3 would seriously interfere with the complex ratification procedures of the ACTA agreement and the EU’s relations with the other contracting parties, as it might prejudice the ratification procedures by these countries.”

Really. The ACTA text is published. Everyone can now analyse it. Evidently, the analysis may show ACTA is very bad. That would jeopardize the ratification process – deservedly so. That is all in the game in a democracy. But the European Parliament is not interested in democracy, apparently.

A partly secret ratification process… How deep do you want to sink?

See also: Confirmatory application for legal service’s opinion on ACTA (Updated)

In related news, today it became clear there is a parallel secret track: the Legal Affairs committee also asked for an opinion.

Update: On 20 November I requested the minutes of the Legal Affairs Coordinators meetings dealing with ACTA, the communication between the Legal Affairs committee (Chair) and the legal service and this second legal service’s opinion on ACTA, and any other legal services’s opinions on ACTA, as soon as it is (they are) available.