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Amazon one-click patent still lingering in Europe after 15 years

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Munich, 15 January 2013 – The king of trivial software and business methods patents, Amazon’s “one-click gift order”, is still not dead in Europe. After 15 years of existence, the European Patent Office (EPO) today revoked it on precarious grounds which warrant another appeal. This patent EP0927945 was already revoked once in 2007, after being granted in 2003. However the Technical Board of Appeal (TBA) revived the patent in 2009 and resubmitted it to the Opposition Division, because the “single action” (one click) had not yet be proven to be known in the prior art. In today’s hearing, the Opposition Division considered this feature both patentable and novel, but not inventive.

FFII still challenges Amazon one-click gift order patent

Munich, 14 January 2013 — For Tuesday the European Patent Office (EPO) scheduled a hearing on the Foundation for a Free Information Infrastructure’s (FFII) opposition to the legendary “one-click gift order” patent from online retailer Inc.
In 2004 the FFII e.V. filed an opposition to’s “one-click gift order” patent grant. FFII board member Stephan Uhlmann: “Software patents hinder innovation and our digital economy as whole. We took on a show case of a software patent while European officials told us software patents were not existent.” Three years later the EPO revoked the patent because of non-inventiveness. After Amazon appealed the decision in 2008, the EPO restored its validity and remitted the case to the first instance.

Amazon patent fully revoked: skirmish victory for FFII

Munich, 7 December 2007 — EPO rules for full revocation after a hearing in the opposition of the Foundation for a Free Information Infrastructure (FFII e.V.) against’s infamous patent on the online purchase of gifts. The patent EP927945 is a descendant of the controversial One-Click Patent, which was granted to Amazon in the USA but was partially revoked there due to lack of novelty in October 2007. The FFII believes this is a pure software patent and prohibited by article 52 of the European Patent Convention (EPC). This reasoning is no longer foreign to the opposition division of EPO: when Amazon’s representative maintained that the method to be patented comprised a computer, and therefore represented patentable new technology, the patent examiner retorted: “Computers were always able to do that. You simply programmed them!”

FFII and EPO announce “Binaries-As-Prior-Art”

Brussels & Munich, 1st April 2009 — After years of confidential work, the European Patent Office (EPO) and the Foundation for a Free Information Infrastructure (FFII) today announce a radical way to improve software patent quality: Binaries-As-Prior-Art, or BAPA. BAPA combines a database of billions of compiled computer programs (“binaries”) with a powerful Cloud search engine that can find any invention in microseconds. EPO President Alison Brimelow explains how BAPA will raise patent quality: “rather than searching hand-written prior art, examiners can now search fast because we licensed Amazon’s One-click technology. You upload the patent application and BAPA shows whether or not an invention is new.” FFII Chief Engineer B.U. Scotty explains how it works: “we use a Just-In-Time Lisp expression parser that maps the binary object code into reverse polish notation.

Software Patent News Q3/Q4 2007

What happened in Q3 and Q4 2007 concerning software patents and related topics: Latest news linked to dossiers and tutorials provided by FFII and a community of wiki editors. 2007-11-07 US Ars: Patent holding company targets 131 companies over SMS patents

2007-11-12 UK ClickPress: UK High Court set to review government restrictions on the patenting of software

2007-11-07 US OReilly: Sun’s counter-attack on NetApp and the defense of free software… 2007-11-06 WW Agip: WIPO meeting on patents

2007-11-06 AU computerworld: Open-source developers need defense in patent wars

2007-11-04 US Tech standards panel sues Alcatel (RAND for all?)

2007-11-02 WW Andy Updegrove: Telling the Truth About Software Patents and Innovation

2007-11-01 WW A survey of existing Linux patents

2007-10-31 US Software patent abolition campaign will launch next month

2007-10-29 US ManagingIP: Companies unite to slam patent reform bill

2007-10-29 US Techdirt: Acacia’s Latest Target: NetFlix

2007-10-25 WW Reuters: Microsoft to list patented protocols

2007-10-25 EU DigiMaj: Software patents puts ZFS viability at risk? 2007-10-25 US ZDnet: Red Hat voices concerns over Microsoft patent model

2007-10-25 US OSNews: Red Hat Voices Concerns Over Microsoft Patent Model

2007-10-24 US VNUnet: Sun threatens NetApp with patent war

2007-10-24 US EFF: EFF Wins Reexamination of Bogus Patent

2007-10-24 EU Groklaw: Microsoft Posts the New License Terms for Interoperability in the EU Agreement

2007-10-24 US RWWeb:Amazon Patents Search Strings in URLs

2007-10-24 US TheAge:IBM Aims to Patent Profiting Off Patents

2007-10-22 US WalkingWithElephants: Half A Loaf

2007-10-22 EU FFII: EU tells open source to start paying MS patent tax

2007-10-22 EU DigiMaj: Microsoft finally defeats EU competition ruling with patents

2007-10-22 EU Reuters: Microsoft finally bows to EU ruling

2007-10-22 KR Kois: Upgraded patent application processing wins praise for KIPO

2007-10-20 US ManagingIP: Korea’s bank prepare to patent

2007-10-20 US Blue-Gnu: GnuTLS Release Removes TLS Authorization Due to Patent Issue

2007-10-20 US TuxDeluxe: The Innovation Game

2007-10-21 US MovingToFreedom: Jeremy Allison on Innovation and Patents

2007-10-18 US FSF: Send comments opposing TLS-authz “experimental” standard by October 23

2007-10-21 US FSF: FSF opposes making TLS-authz an experimental standard

2007-10-21 US Groklaw: BayStar & Acacia, and A Ruling on Digital Evidence, & Today’s YouTube: Xerox’s Alto

2007-10-21 US BoycottNovell: Red Hat’s Webbink Criticises Softwar Patents and Sheds Light on IP

2007-10-19 US SnapVoip: Vonage Get Sued by AT&T Now, For Infringing VoIP Patents

2007-10-19 US BoycottNovell: Another Indirect Link is Found Between Microsoft and Acacia (Patent Troll That Attacks Linux)

2007-10-19 US RedhatMagazine: Mark Webbink On: Software Patents

2007-10-18 US Gambling911: “I am Not a Patent Troll” Says 1st Technology’s Scott Lewis

2007-10-18 US Betanews: New Zealand Actor Wins Rejection of Amazon ‘One-Click’ Patent

2007-10-18 US InternetNews: Plaintiff: Open Source Not on Trial in Linux Suit

2007-10-18 US Arstechnica: Amazon’s 1-Click patent picked apart by US Patent Office

2007-10-19 US IT-director: Thoughts on Software IP and Patents

2007-10-19 EU DigiMaj: FFII vs Amazon: add a computer, and the EPO will give you software patents

2007-10-18 EU FFII: Economist Critic of Software Patents gets Nobel Prize

2007-10-18 EU Guardian: Linux community faces new uncertainty

2007-10-17 US Slashdot: USPTO Rejects Amazon’s One-Click Patent

2007-10-17 US Register: US Patent Office decimates Amazon’s 1-Click Patent

2007-10-16 US OpenDotDotDot: A Historic Idea: How to Deal with Patent Trolls

2007-10-16 US DigiTimes: Funai files complaint with ITC for infringement of digital TV patents in US

2007-10-16 US InternetNews: Plaintiff: Open Source Not on Trial in Linux Suit

2007-10-16 US Techdirt: Judge Bans The Term ‘Patent Troll’ — And The History Of Patent Sharking… 2007-10-16 US Slashdot: Critic of Software Patents Wins Nobel Prize in Economics

2007-10-15 EU IPJur: EU Patent Jurisdiction: Details of New Proposals From Portuguese EU Presidency

2007-10-15 US EETimes: CEOs neglect patent portfolios, says M’soft exec

2007-10-15 IN Business-Standard: Patenting research

2007-10-15 US NYTimes: Three Share Nobel in Economics for Work on Social Mechanisms

2007-10-15 UK NCC: Patenting your software – is it worth it?

Software Patent News June 2007

What happened in June 2007 concerning software patents and related topics: Latest news linked to dossiers and tutorials provided by FFII and a community of wiki editors. 2007-06-29 EU IPkat: EPLA or bust? Robin Jacob speaks out

2007-06-27 EU RobertoGaloppini: Open Source Advocacy: from hecklers to lobbyists (part II)

2007-06-27 EU FFII Eupat: EU Presidency Symposium in Munich, last pro-EPLA rally of the German Presidency

2007-06-27 EU IAM: Europe, the US and patent reform

2007-06-27 EU IAM: EPO conference may mean CII Directive is back on the agenda

2007-06-27 EU FFII: FFII puts up a prize in fight against Microsoft Office standardisation

2007-06-26 UK mondaq: UK: Software – Cases Shed New Light On Patentability

2007-06-25 EU SCRIPT-ed: The day after the Computer-Implemented Inventions Directive: who won the battle and when shall the war end? 2007-06-22 US Technocrat: Free QA for patent trolls. Why?

Software Patent News May 2007

What happened in May 2007 concerning software patents and related topics: Latest news linked to dossiers and tutorials provided by FFII and a community of wiki editors. 2007-05-30 US ZDNet: Kill the patents, kill the problem

2007-05-30 US eWeek: MS Sees No Conflict with Its Patent/Open Source Initiatives

2007-05-29 US eWeek: The Patent Puzzle

2007-05-29 UK The Register: UK firms contest ‘absurd’ software patent ruling

2007-05-29 US Broadcom PR: Federal Jury Finds That Qualcomm Infringes Three Broadcom Patents

2007-05-28 WW ComputerWorld: From vapourware to scareware, Microsoft keeps innovating

2007-05-25 US Groklaw: Novell has filed its 10K & patent agreement: may be restricted in ability to include GPLv3 code; MS may cease to distribute

2007-05-25 US SEC: Microsoft – Novell patent cooperation agreement

2007-05-25 WW Gamasutra: Feature: ‘Patent Strategy in the Game Industry’

2007-05-25 WW BetaNews: Linux Foundation: We Have Our Own Patent ‘Arsenal’

2007-05-24 WW e-Literate: New Patent Information Center at EDUCAUSE

2007-05-24 EU JBKempf: Bored with Debian – x264 patents

2007-05-24 US Slashdot: Sony Sued for Blu-Ray Patent Violation

2007-05-24 US Gamespot: Sony sued over Blu-ray

2007-05-24 EU Europarl: report on Putting knowledge into practice: A broad-based innovation strategy for Europe

2007-05-25 US IAM: The European Parliament does it again

2007-05-25 EU Horns: EU Parliament Demanding EPO To Be Integrated Into European Community

2007-05-23 US CNET: Red Hat: Software patents slow innovation

2007-05-23 US CNET: Novell to detail Microsoft patent pact

2007-05-23 WW ZDNet blogs (Ed Burnette): Sun prepared to defend Red Hat and Ubuntu against Microsoft patent threats

2007-05-23 US InfoWorld: Microsoft says licensing protects customers

2007-05-23 US InfoWorld: Novell and EFF team on patent reform

2007-05-24 WW Simon Phipps (Sun): Seven Patent Reforms While We Wait For Nirvana

2007-05-23 EU IPKat: More EPO technical thoughts

2007-05-22 EU DigiMaj: What’s wrong with software patents? 2007-05-22 US Ars Technica: Microsoft funds questionable study attacking GPL 3 draft process

2007-05-22 WW TechWorld: Ubuntu founder: Microsoft is our patent pal

2007-05-22 WW ZDNet: Red Hat CEO decries software patents

2007-05-22 US ZDNet Asia: Microsoft will not sue over Linux patents

2007-05-21 WW Mark Webbink: Ten Reasons The World Needs Patent Covenants

2007-05-17 US IDG News Service: Microsoft asserts patents, wants weaker system

2007-05-21 WW Mark Shuttleworth: Microsoft is not the real threat

2007-05-18 US PC Magazine: Microsoft’s Patent Threats Evoke Retorts

2007-05-17 US SearchEnterpriseLinux: Microsoft’s anti-Linux patent claims: Arm-twisting for Novell-like deals

2007-05-17 US The Globe and Mail: Walk softly and carry a big sheaf of patents

2007-05-17 US ZDNet blogs (Ed Burnette): Microsoft Windows and Office violate 532 patents? 2007-05-16 UK IPKat: UK-IPO Opinion: Photomosaics “not novel”

2007-05-16 US FSF: ‘Play Ogg’: FSF launches free audio format campaign

2007-05-17 US InformationWeek: CEO Of Open-Source Software Vendor SugarCRM Speaks Out

2007-05-17 US WSJ Law Blog: Law Blog Q&A: Sun Microsystems GC Mike Dillon

2007-05-17 EU Digimaj: The Economics of Examination

2007-05-17 EU Stikyminds: SMEs Challenge Patent Office Over

2007-05-17 EU Horns: UK SMEs Challenging UK-IPO’s Policy on Patentability Of CIIs

2007-05-17 US ZDNet Asia: Microsoft’s patent quest won’t go far, experts say

2007-05-15 US dive into Mark (Mark Pilgrim): Outrageous

2007-05-15 US Washington Post: Microsoft’s patent hard line hardest on startups

2007-05-15 US InformationWeek: Linus Torvalds Responds To Microsoft Patent Claims

2007-05-15 US LXer: LXer ‘classics’: 101 patents Microsoft may infringe

2007-05-14 US Slashdot: TiVo Awarded Patent For Password You Can’t Hack

2007-05-14 US Slashdot: Microsoft Says Free Software Violates 235 Patents

2007-05-12 US The Guardian: Google may use games to analyse net users

2007-05-13 WW CNN Money: Microsoft takes on the free world

2007-05-10 EU Cordis: Potocnik calls for more flexible approach to knowledge transfer

2007-05-10 US Bloomberg: Vonage Says It May Have Way Around Disputed Patents

2007-05-10 WW CBR Online: Novell and Microsoft detail 12 new Linux coupon customers

2007-05-10 US Slashdot: Amazon Cries ‘Uncle’ to End IBM Patent Feud

2007-05-09 US WRAL LocalTechWire: Patent Quality Crisis: Examiners Join Calls for Reform

2007-05-09 US Flat Planet and a Phone: Jajah gets $20m and Intel’s patents

2007-05-08 US InformationWeek: Patent Impact: How Innovation Is Different In IT

2007-05-08 US BetaNews: Amazon Settles Patent Suit with IBM, ‘Methods’ Debate Forestalled

2007-05-08 US InternetNews: Amazon Ponies Up to End IBM Patent Suits

2007-05-07 US TradingMarkets: IBM And Amazon Agree To Bury The Hatchet On Patent Issues – Update

2007-05-07 US Send2Press: The Original Patent Troll Returns

2007-05-08 US IHT: Can you patent wisdom? 2007-05-08 US IAM: A German judge comments on software patents

2007-05-08 EU Horns: Patentability of CIIs: New Developments

2007-05-08 US AHN: IBM, Amazon Settle Long-Standing Patent Feud

2007-05-14 US The New Yorker: Exporting I.P.

2007-05-08 EU DM: German Judge Melullis speaks on software patents

2007-05-07 EU DM: Linux, Dell, Novell, Microsoft…

Software Patent News April 2007

What happened in April 2007 concerning software patents and related topics: Latest news linked to dossiers and tutorials provided by FFII and a community of wiki editors. 2007-04-30 US Reuters: Top court rules for Microsoft on patent (in the ATT vs MSFT case)

2007-04-30 US Arstechnica: Supreme Court ruling makes “obvious” patents harder to defend

2007-04-30 US Bloomberg: Top U.S. Court Clears Way for More Patent Challenges

2007-04-29 US Patently O: 2007 Patent Reform: Proposed Amendments on Damages

2007-04-28 US Brough Turner: Ringback tone patents

2007-04-27 US Courier-journal: Lexington company sues Google over patent

2007-04-27 US InternetFinancialNews: Google Sued For Adding Options To Links

2007-04-26 EU Digimaj: Who would benefit from a European patent court? 2007-04-26 US Reuters: Forgent settles patent lawsuit with 9 companies

2007-04-26 US MSN Money: Forgent collects $20M from patent cases

2007-04-26 US MSN Money: House Panel Urges Patent Bill Compromise

2007-04-26 US The Chief Officer’s Network: US: Software Patents – is code patentable? 2007-04-27 DE Verivox: German business associations are warning Europe of an “Intellectual own-goal”

2007-04-26 US Dondodge: Patent lunacy defense

2007-04-26 US IPBIZ: Congressional hearing on April 26 on patent reform

2007-04-26 CN Roberto Galoppini: File Format War: more on China’s position on open standards

2007-04-26 DE PresseBox: German business associations are warning Europe of an “Intellectual own-goal”

2007-04-26 US ChiefOfficers: US: Software Patents – is code patentable? 2007-04-25 IE SiliconRepublic: A patently obvious mistake?

Software Patent News February 2007

What happened in February 2007 concerning software patents and related topics: Latest news linked to dossiers and tutorials provided by FFII and a community of wiki editors. 2007-02-27 US ZDNet: Tech Policy Summit: Patent Office head lays out reform strategy

2007-02-28 US ITJungle: Ballmer Dismisses Linux Threat, Talks Up Intellectual Property

2007-02-27 UK OSNews: UK Gov: No Software Patents in the UK

2007-02-28 UK IPKat: SanDisk – in the wrong country? 2007-02-28 UK IPKat: Another setback for Amazon 1-click

2007-02-28 US ITBusinessEdge: Protecting Linux Users from Microsoft Patent Suits

2007-02-28 US Technocrat: Help Lobby Washington To Protect Open Source from Software Patents – First Steps

2007-02-27 US CCIA: Alcatel Patent Verdict Signals Danger

2007-02-27 US ZDNet: Tech Policy Summit: Fixing the patent system…soon

2007-02-27 US Slashdot: MP3’s Loss, Open Source’s Gain

2007-02-27 US Infoworld: Lawsuits, patent claims silence Black Hat talk

2007-02-27 US Slashdot: British Government Comes Out Against ‘Pure’ Software Patents

2007-02-27 UK 10DowningStreet: Softwarepatents – epetition reply

2007-02-27 DE BMJ: Conference on Patent Law: A Europe of Innovation – Fit for the Future? 2007-02-27 US Reuters: Vonage calls Verizon’ patent lawsuit ‘frivolous’

2007-02-27 US Masdailynews: Texas MP3 Technologies sues Apple, Samsung, Sandisk over alleged patent-infringement

2007-02-27 US Techdirt: Patent Panel Offers No Real Solution To Patent Problem

2007-02-25 EU FFII: Status of software patents in Europe (ogg format) (Video player to watch it)

2007-02-25 EU Foo: There Is No Ethical Patent

2007-02-21 US TechLiberation: An Encouraging Oral Argument on Software Patents

2007-02-22 US Gehrkelaw: Court Takes on Software Patents

2007-02-22 US Washingtonpost: Court Takes on Software Patents

2007-02-26 EU Horns: A New Strategy Of FFII

2007-02-26 EU Epot: Saturday @ Fosdem

2007-02-26 US SupremeCourt: Microsoft Corp Vs ATT Corp

2007-02-26 US TechLawForum: Software Patents May Go the Way of the Dodo

2007-02-26 US CRN: Alcatel-Lucent won’t be seeing any Microsoft money soon

2007-02-26 UK ZDNet: Why you should care about Microsoft’s patent payout

2007-02-25 US Slashdot: Mr. Ballmer, Show Us the Code

2007-02-24 UK Lasp: Why falling at the third hurdle is better than winning the race…. 2007-02-24 US LATimes: Patent problems in patent law

2007-02-24 US Crunchgear: Patent Monkey: Details on Alcatel’s $1.5 B Win Against Microsoft

2007-02-23 UK IPKat: Death of the “technical effect” test in the UK

2007-02-23 US Genengnews: Acacia Research Reports Fourth Quarter and Year End Financial Results

2007-02-23 US Marketwatch: Former Bell Labs researcher played role in Microsoft patent case

2007-02-23 UK BBC: Patent row could hit MP3 industry

2007-02-23 US ZDNet blog: Software patents and the dependency problem

2007-02-23 US Arstechnica: Microsoft and free software movement tag-team the Supreme Court

2007-02-23 US ITWorldCanada: Microsoft, AT&T duke out patent dispute in court

2007-02-23 US P2PNet: Has patent law broken down?

Software Patent News January 2007

What happened in January 2007 concerning software patents and related topics: Latest news linked to dossiers and tutorials provided by FFII and a community of wiki editors. 2007-01-31 US Automation: Patent Office validates National Instruments’ LabVIEW Patent

2007-01-31 EU EDRI: ENDitorial : Constitution by criminalisation

2007-01-30 UK Peter Groves: Gowers Review (summary of symposium)

2007-01-30 US Yahoo: Imaging Diagnostic Systems Updates Patent Scorecard

2007-01-30 CN People: Third revision drafted for Patent Law (“it also […] extends the scope of patent infringement exemptions”)

2007-01-30 US Bizjournals: MP3 patent suit could affect hundreds of companies

2007-01-30 EU Fosdem: Interview: Aleksey Bragin

2007-01-29 US ZDNet: Vista to give HD Photo format more exposure

2007-01-29 EU TheStreet: Reinventing the Inventor

2007-01-29 US ZDNet: Microsoft backpedals on programming patent

2007-01-29 EU LWN: FFII on proposed OpenXML adoption

2007-01-29 US Slashdot: Microsoft Retracts Patent

2007-01-29 US Groklaw: A Brave New Modular World – Another MS Patent Application

2007-01-29 US MSDN: Update: Response to BlueJ Patent Issues

2007-01-28 US Pubpat: Patent Office grants pubpat requests to reexamine EpicRealm dynamic website patents

2007-01-28 US SOA World Magazine: IBM Hit with Mega-Buck Antitrust Tying Charges

2007-01-25 US National Instruments Patent Upheld

2007-01-29 WW FFII: FFII opposes Fasttrack adoption of Microsoft OOXML format as ISO standard

2007-01-27 IE Finfacts: Intellectual Property symposium told of 18 million patent backlog throughout the world

2007-01-27 NZ Scoop: IP Heavyweights Address Global Challenges

2007-01-27 US ITNews: New Linux Foundation must be part lawyer, part peacemaker

2007-01-27 US InformationWeek: Sun Exec Rips Microsoft Patent Application

2007-01-27 US AmericasNetwork: Broadcom did not infringe on Qualcomm patents, jury says

2007-01-27 US ZDNet: Microsoft copies BlueJ, admits it, then patents it

2007-01-27 US Fistfulofeuros: Brio and Open-Source Hardware

2007-01-27 US FinanzNachrichten: Jury Finds Broadcom Does Not Infringe Two Qualcomm Patents

2007-01-27 EU IP-watch: Piracy, Innovation Top Developed-Country Industry Priority List

2007-01-27 DE Horns: German Government Initiating Ratification of EPC2000

2007-01-27 US Slashdot: Microsoft Copies Idea, Admits It, Then Patents It

2007-01-27 EU DigiMaj: The EPO explains its true mission

2007-01-26 US Slashdot: Jury Rules That H.264 is Not Patented

2007-01-26 UK IPKat: Sony’s metadata structures found not patentable (kind of)

2007-01-26 UK Out-Law/The Register: Sony’s video metadata invention could be patentable in part

2007-01-26 EU Heise: German government plans to ratify amendments to patent agreement

2007-01-25 US PFF: Solutions for Software Patents: Notes From Under My Desk (SourceWatch on PFF)

2007-01-25 US AgIpNews: Sipro Lab Telecom Issues Statement on Patents

2007-01-25 US Groklaw: Patent Office Orders Re-Examination of Blackboard Patent

2007-01-25 US MarkAufflick: Patent Office Orders Re-Examination of Blackboard Patent

2007-01-25 US 271patent: John Love Named Deputy Commissioner for USPTO Patent Examination Policy

2007-01-25 US TechLiberation: Software Patent of the Week: Visual Programming

2007-01-25 US Business Wire: ASD Files Patent Infringement Lawsuit Against Fiserv and Federal Reserve Banks

2007-01-24 SA Legalbrief Today: Software patents still being filed in SA

2007-01-25 US Seb Schmoller: United States Patent & Trademark Office orders re-examination of Blackboard Patent

2007-01-24 EU Euractiv: EU businesses support ‘open’ innovation and IP

2007-01-08 US FT: Beware the ‘patent trolls’ of finance

2007-01-23 US Bloomberg: Fiserv, Federal Reserve Banks Accused of Patent Infringement

2007-01-22 US Patently-O: Follow-on to Professor Merges: High-Tech Calls For Reform

2007-01-22 US Ocbj: Europe Now Has a Common Currency, But Patent Process Still All Over Map (registration required)

2007-01-22 US Masstlc: Open Source: Microsoft & Novell – Building Bridges

2007-01-22 US Groklaw: Dan Bricklin Wants to Pick Your Brain re Novell-Microsoft Meeting – Updated

2007-01-22 US SearchEngineLand: Google’s OneBox Patent Application

2007-01-22 ZA Tectonic: Multi-nationals ignore SA patent law

2007-01-22 EU Cordis: Companies gain by sharing intellectual property, finds survey

2007-01-22 ZA GraphicRepro: Xerox awarded 27 per cent more patents in 2006

2007-01-22 US Legal Theory Blog: Mennell on Patent Reform

2007-01-22 US Red Herring: Startup Slaps IBM with Antitrust Suit

2007-01-21 US Feld: Emperical Evidence of Why Software Patents Are Bad (or Good) – Part 1

2007-01-21 US Patently-O: Merges: Back to the Shadows, or Onward and Upward? Current Trends in Patent Law

2007-01-22 US Seattle PI: E-mail from the grave? Microsoft seeks patent on ‘immortal computing’

2007-01-21 WW DQ Channels: Epson, MS cross-license patent holdings

2007-01-21 US Heartland Institute: Patent Law Confuses Application with Invention (SourceWatch on HI)

2007-01-19 US PCWorld: Snooping Software Creator Sues Apple (not about software)

2007-01-19 US Gamasutra: The Ten Most Important Video Game Patents

2007-01-19 EU WIPO: Colloquia on Selected Patent Issues

2007-01-19 US PatentlyO: Jeff Steck: Saving the Supreme Court from Folk Science

2007-01-19 CN People: Chinese TV makers to be squeezed by U.S. digital TV patent charge

2007-01-19 US SignOnSanDiego: Witness rebuts patent claims by Qualcomm

2007-01-19 IE Finfacts: Value generation trumps asset protection in European intellectual property strategies

2007-01-19 US Samba: There is a light that never goes out

2007-01-18 CA Canada: Nortel-Microsoft alliance lands Shell deal

2007-01-18 US SignOnSanDiego: Patent expert testifies for Qualcomm

2007-01-18 DE FAZ: Was heißt hier schon trivial? (German; short review of the sw patent debate with several examples)

2007-01-17 DE PatentFrei: EU Council Presidency – SME call for change in patent policy

2007-01-17 EU IP-Watch: Patent Reform, Copyright Enforcement Are Key European IP Issues for 2007

2007-01-16 US ACM: The patent holder’s dilemma: buy, sell, or troll?