India shows the way for European Interoperability Framework 2.0

Berlin, Nov 18th 2010 — India has just adopted an open standards preference policy. In contrast, the directorates for Internal Market and Trade recently hindered an adoption of the European Interoperability Framework (EIF) 2.0 during the European Commission’s inter-service consultations. The Foundation for a Free Information Infrastructure (FFII) and other observers expect a watered down version of the EIF 2.0 to be released later this year which falls short to enforce Open Standards. “With its slow pace in delivering effective interoperability policies Europe falls behind emerging IT-superpowers as India”, warns FFII Vice-President Rene Mages. “Openness of web standards has been a key to the rapid growth of the world wide web.

EU still pushing for punitive measures against patent infringements in ACTA

Brussels, 6 October 2010 — The negotiating parties published the consolidated Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) text. The following statement can be attributed to the Foundation for a Free Information Infrastructure (FFII):
“The EU still wants punitive measures against patent infringements in ACTA. In our opinion, this is irresponsible. The software field is plagued by patents and holders of huge patent portfolios could decide to eliminate competition from startups, small and medium sized enterprises and open source projects, on their own, or by using a proxy, a patent troll. The inclusion of patents in ACTA also could cause issues with regards to access to medicine, and even more with other technology not protected by the Doha Declaration on TRIPS and Public Health, including much wanted ‘green technology’.”

Belgian EU Presidency wrong about software patents, pushing for their validation

Brussels, 5 October 2010 — In a radio interview held last Thursday, Mr Vincent Van Quickenborne, Belgian Minister of the Economy, tried to explain that the current situation concerning software patents in Europe was fine, and that the current plans are not intended to “change the patent system to make software programming more difficult”. The FFII says this is wrong, considering the thousands of software patents already granted by the European Patent Office (EPO). The Belgian Presidency is pushing for a central EU patent court, that will create caselaw in favour of software patents. Benjamin Henrion, President of the FFII, says: “Mr Van Quickenborne is throwing dust in the eyes of software developers. The reality is that the Belgian Presidency is pushing hard for a central patent court, that will validate software patents.

European Parliament wants Open Document exchange format for electronic business

Strasbourg, Sept 21, 2010 — Today the European Parliament plenary adopted a report on completing the internal market for e-commerce prepared by Spanish rapporteur Pablo Arias Echeverría (EPP). The reports highlights the importance of an open document exchange format for electronic business interoperation and calls on the European Commission to take concrete steps to support its emergence and spread. “Excellent. In the past European programmes promoted an Open Document exchange format in the field of e-Government. Strasbourg wants the Commission to follow up on its successful activities, this time with an eye to electronic business needs.”, explains interoperability expert André Rebentisch.

Internet Governance Forum a beacon of openness

Berlin, Sept 17th 2010 — This week the 5th meeting of the Internet Governance Forum (IGF 2010) took place in Vilnius. The United Nations organised it as a multi-stakeholder dialogue on global internet governance which inherited from the UN World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS). The wide range of deliberations span from classical internet governance topics such as IPv6 to open standards, accessibility, public sector information, privacy, freedom of expression and other internet values. In a broad variety of working groups the IGF participants echoed a call for open standards and an open end-to-end internet safe from censorship. On the European side many Members of the European Parliament for instance Catherine Trautmann (S&D), Francisco Sosa Wagner (NI) and Amelia Andersdotter (PP) conveyed their passionate attention to open internet aspects.

FFII e.V. participating at Linuxtag, Solutions Linux and OpenFest Greece

2010-06-12 Workshop about current developments in software patents and open standards at LinuxTag 2010 in Berlin. 2010-03-16/17/18 Booth of FFII France at “Solutions Linux / Open Source 2010” in Paris, France. 2010-03-13 Speech about “Dangers from software patents in Europe” by Antonis Christofides at OpenFest 2010 in Piraeus, Greece.  

Still no ‘safe harbour’ in sight for wireless technologies in Europe

Berlin, May 27th 2010 — Following a recent high court judgement in Germany wireless networks are becoming a legal concern for consumers running open WiFi hotspots. Lawyers and lobby organisations are sending automated cease and desist letters to consumers who have an “insecure” WiFi access point, accusing them of helping unauthorized file sharing by offering open WiFi internet connections. “The campaign against WiFi open access is misguided. You may also use a phone to issue a bomb threat, but that does not seem a valid argument for banning public phone booths”, argues René Mages, vice president of the Foundation for a Free Information Infrastructure (FFII). A year and a half ago the European Parliament urged the European Commission to examine measures to provide a ‘safer harbour’ for wireless technology.

FFII e.V. at events 2009

2009-12-16 2nd meeting of the CENATIC Advisory Council with the participation as member of Alberto Barrionuevo representing FFII. 2009-12-04 to 13 (possible) meeting with the informatization board of the Cuban Ministry of Communications and Informatics, La Habana, Cuba, by Alberto Barrionuevo. 2009-12-01 to 03 participation to be defined of several FFII Spain Members in the Open Source World Conference 2009 at Caceres (Spain). 2009-11-05 Meeting with responsibles for Internet and Open Source and Open Standards of the Spanish Ministry of Industry with the participation of Alberto Barrionuevo representing FFII. 2009-09-24 (World day against software patents 2009), Alberto Barrionuevo defends his master thesis in the Politechnic University of Madrid.

Richard Stallman about Software Patents in Munich

FFII members participation on critical activities about the European Patent System in Munich on 15th April 2009. Hartmut Pilch invited Richard Stallman to give a speech and educate the public about Software Patents. Original videos here: video-1, video-2


Software Patent News Q3/Q4 2007

What happened in Q3 and Q4 2007 concerning software patents and related topics: Latest news linked to dossiers and tutorials provided by FFII and a community of wiki editors. 2007-11-07 US Ars: Patent holding company targets 131 companies over SMS patents

2007-11-12 UK ClickPress: UK High Court set to review government restrictions on the patenting of software

2007-11-07 US OReilly: Sun’s counter-attack on NetApp and the defense of free software… 2007-11-06 WW Agip: WIPO meeting on patents

2007-11-06 AU computerworld: Open-source developers need defense in patent wars

2007-11-04 US Tech standards panel sues Alcatel (RAND for all?)

2007-11-02 WW Andy Updegrove: Telling the Truth About Software Patents and Innovation

2007-11-01 WW A survey of existing Linux patents

2007-10-31 US Software patent abolition campaign will launch next month

2007-10-29 US ManagingIP: Companies unite to slam patent reform bill

2007-10-29 US Techdirt: Acacia’s Latest Target: NetFlix

2007-10-25 WW Reuters: Microsoft to list patented protocols

2007-10-25 EU DigiMaj: Software patents puts ZFS viability at risk? 2007-10-25 US ZDnet: Red Hat voices concerns over Microsoft patent model

2007-10-25 US OSNews: Red Hat Voices Concerns Over Microsoft Patent Model

2007-10-24 US VNUnet: Sun threatens NetApp with patent war

2007-10-24 US EFF: EFF Wins Reexamination of Bogus Patent

2007-10-24 EU Groklaw: Microsoft Posts the New License Terms for Interoperability in the EU Agreement

2007-10-24 US RWWeb:Amazon Patents Search Strings in URLs

2007-10-24 US TheAge:IBM Aims to Patent Profiting Off Patents

2007-10-22 US WalkingWithElephants: Half A Loaf

2007-10-22 EU FFII: EU tells open source to start paying MS patent tax

2007-10-22 EU DigiMaj: Microsoft finally defeats EU competition ruling with patents

2007-10-22 EU Reuters: Microsoft finally bows to EU ruling

2007-10-22 KR Kois: Upgraded patent application processing wins praise for KIPO

2007-10-20 US ManagingIP: Korea’s bank prepare to patent

2007-10-20 US Blue-Gnu: GnuTLS Release Removes TLS Authorization Due to Patent Issue

2007-10-20 US TuxDeluxe: The Innovation Game

2007-10-21 US MovingToFreedom: Jeremy Allison on Innovation and Patents

2007-10-18 US FSF: Send comments opposing TLS-authz “experimental” standard by October 23

2007-10-21 US FSF: FSF opposes making TLS-authz an experimental standard

2007-10-21 US Groklaw: BayStar & Acacia, and A Ruling on Digital Evidence, & Today’s YouTube: Xerox’s Alto

2007-10-21 US BoycottNovell: Red Hat’s Webbink Criticises Softwar Patents and Sheds Light on IP

2007-10-19 US SnapVoip: Vonage Get Sued by AT&T Now, For Infringing VoIP Patents

2007-10-19 US BoycottNovell: Another Indirect Link is Found Between Microsoft and Acacia (Patent Troll That Attacks Linux)

2007-10-19 US RedhatMagazine: Mark Webbink On: Software Patents

2007-10-18 US Gambling911: “I am Not a Patent Troll” Says 1st Technology’s Scott Lewis

2007-10-18 US Betanews: New Zealand Actor Wins Rejection of Amazon ‘One-Click’ Patent

2007-10-18 US InternetNews: Plaintiff: Open Source Not on Trial in Linux Suit

2007-10-18 US Arstechnica: Amazon’s 1-Click patent picked apart by US Patent Office

2007-10-19 US IT-director: Thoughts on Software IP and Patents

2007-10-19 EU DigiMaj: FFII vs Amazon: add a computer, and the EPO will give you software patents

2007-10-18 EU FFII: Economist Critic of Software Patents gets Nobel Prize

2007-10-18 EU Guardian: Linux community faces new uncertainty

2007-10-17 US Slashdot: USPTO Rejects Amazon’s One-Click Patent

2007-10-17 US Register: US Patent Office decimates Amazon’s 1-Click Patent

2007-10-16 US OpenDotDotDot: A Historic Idea: How to Deal with Patent Trolls

2007-10-16 US DigiTimes: Funai files complaint with ITC for infringement of digital TV patents in US

2007-10-16 US InternetNews: Plaintiff: Open Source Not on Trial in Linux Suit

2007-10-16 US Techdirt: Judge Bans The Term ‘Patent Troll’ — And The History Of Patent Sharking… 2007-10-16 US Slashdot: Critic of Software Patents Wins Nobel Prize in Economics

2007-10-15 EU IPJur: EU Patent Jurisdiction: Details of New Proposals From Portuguese EU Presidency

2007-10-15 US EETimes: CEOs neglect patent portfolios, says M’soft exec

2007-10-15 IN Business-Standard: Patenting research

2007-10-15 US NYTimes: Three Share Nobel in Economics for Work on Social Mechanisms

2007-10-15 UK NCC: Patenting your software – is it worth it?