Software Patent News Q3/Q4 2007

What happened in Q3 and Q4 2007 concerning software patents and related topics: Latest news linked to dossiers and tutorials provided by FFII and a community of wiki editors. 2007-11-07 US Ars: Patent holding company targets 131 companies over SMS patents

2007-11-12 UK ClickPress: UK High Court set to review government restrictions on the patenting of software

2007-11-07 US OReilly: Sun’s counter-attack on NetApp and the defense of free software… 2007-11-06 WW Agip: WIPO meeting on patents

2007-11-06 AU computerworld: Open-source developers need defense in patent wars

2007-11-04 US Tech standards panel sues Alcatel (RAND for all?)

2007-11-02 WW Andy Updegrove: Telling the Truth About Software Patents and Innovation

2007-11-01 WW A survey of existing Linux patents

2007-10-31 US Software patent abolition campaign will launch next month

2007-10-29 US ManagingIP: Companies unite to slam patent reform bill

2007-10-29 US Techdirt: Acacia’s Latest Target: NetFlix

2007-10-25 WW Reuters: Microsoft to list patented protocols

2007-10-25 EU DigiMaj: Software patents puts ZFS viability at risk? 2007-10-25 US ZDnet: Red Hat voices concerns over Microsoft patent model

2007-10-25 US OSNews: Red Hat Voices Concerns Over Microsoft Patent Model

2007-10-24 US VNUnet: Sun threatens NetApp with patent war

2007-10-24 US EFF: EFF Wins Reexamination of Bogus Patent

2007-10-24 EU Groklaw: Microsoft Posts the New License Terms for Interoperability in the EU Agreement

2007-10-24 US RWWeb:Amazon Patents Search Strings in URLs

2007-10-24 US TheAge:IBM Aims to Patent Profiting Off Patents

2007-10-22 US WalkingWithElephants: Half A Loaf

2007-10-22 EU FFII: EU tells open source to start paying MS patent tax

2007-10-22 EU DigiMaj: Microsoft finally defeats EU competition ruling with patents

2007-10-22 EU Reuters: Microsoft finally bows to EU ruling

2007-10-22 KR Kois: Upgraded patent application processing wins praise for KIPO

2007-10-20 US ManagingIP: Korea’s bank prepare to patent

2007-10-20 US Blue-Gnu: GnuTLS Release Removes TLS Authorization Due to Patent Issue

2007-10-20 US TuxDeluxe: The Innovation Game

2007-10-21 US MovingToFreedom: Jeremy Allison on Innovation and Patents

2007-10-18 US FSF: Send comments opposing TLS-authz “experimental” standard by October 23

2007-10-21 US FSF: FSF opposes making TLS-authz an experimental standard

2007-10-21 US Groklaw: BayStar & Acacia, and A Ruling on Digital Evidence, & Today’s YouTube: Xerox’s Alto

2007-10-21 US BoycottNovell: Red Hat’s Webbink Criticises Softwar Patents and Sheds Light on IP

2007-10-19 US SnapVoip: Vonage Get Sued by AT&T Now, For Infringing VoIP Patents

2007-10-19 US BoycottNovell: Another Indirect Link is Found Between Microsoft and Acacia (Patent Troll That Attacks Linux)

2007-10-19 US RedhatMagazine: Mark Webbink On: Software Patents

2007-10-18 US Gambling911: “I am Not a Patent Troll” Says 1st Technology’s Scott Lewis

2007-10-18 US Betanews: New Zealand Actor Wins Rejection of Amazon ‘One-Click’ Patent

2007-10-18 US InternetNews: Plaintiff: Open Source Not on Trial in Linux Suit

2007-10-18 US Arstechnica: Amazon’s 1-Click patent picked apart by US Patent Office

2007-10-19 US IT-director: Thoughts on Software IP and Patents

2007-10-19 EU DigiMaj: FFII vs Amazon: add a computer, and the EPO will give you software patents

2007-10-18 EU FFII: Economist Critic of Software Patents gets Nobel Prize

2007-10-18 EU Guardian: Linux community faces new uncertainty

2007-10-17 US Slashdot: USPTO Rejects Amazon’s One-Click Patent

2007-10-17 US Register: US Patent Office decimates Amazon’s 1-Click Patent

2007-10-16 US OpenDotDotDot: A Historic Idea: How to Deal with Patent Trolls

2007-10-16 US DigiTimes: Funai files complaint with ITC for infringement of digital TV patents in US

2007-10-16 US InternetNews: Plaintiff: Open Source Not on Trial in Linux Suit

2007-10-16 US Techdirt: Judge Bans The Term ‘Patent Troll’ — And The History Of Patent Sharking… 2007-10-16 US Slashdot: Critic of Software Patents Wins Nobel Prize in Economics

2007-10-15 EU IPJur: EU Patent Jurisdiction: Details of New Proposals From Portuguese EU Presidency

2007-10-15 US EETimes: CEOs neglect patent portfolios, says M’soft exec

2007-10-15 IN Business-Standard: Patenting research

2007-10-15 US NYTimes: Three Share Nobel in Economics for Work on Social Mechanisms

2007-10-15 UK NCC: Patenting your software – is it worth it?

Software Patent News July 2007

What happened in July 2007 concerning software patents and related topics: Latest news linked to dossiers and tutorials provided by FFII and a community of wiki editors. 2007-07-31 US Oreilly: Microsoft Reaches Settlement on EOLAS Patent

2007-07-27 US CodingHorror: The Coming Software Patent Apocalypse

2007-07-31 US internetnews: RealNetworks Case Highlights Sea-Change In Patent Law

2007-07-31 US shacknews: (software?) Processor Patent Adds to Sony’s Lawsuit Woes

2007-07-30 US ars technica: “Attempted infringement” appears in new House intellectual property bill

2007-07-29 US mercextra: A conversation with Nathan Myhrvold

2007-07-27 US Groklaw: Another Facebook lawsuit – re patents this time

2007-07-24 UK ZDNet: Sun exec accuses Microsoft of ‘patent terrorism’

2007-07-24 SE DN: Erik Josefsson: Software patents discourage development (Swedish)

2007-07-19 UK ZDNet: Linspire Linux deal ‘worse than Novell’

2007-07-19 US EPO: Computer-implemented inventions: where do we stand in the debate on “software patents”? (photos and slides available)

2007-07-19 US LAW.COM: Courting a Jury

2007-07-19 US CNET:Patent law overhaul gets House panel OK

2007-07-08 US IT industry braces for patent chill

2007-07-17 US CNN: Perspective: Reformers must alter one-size-fits-all patents

2007-07-17 US Ars: Microsoft Patents the Mother of All Adware (Slashdot discussion)

2007-07-16 US IAM: FFII leader reacts to IBM’s plan for Europe

2007-07-16 US Slashdot: Patents Don’t Pay

2007-07-16 UK TheInquirer: IBM evangelises Euro patents

2007-07-12 EU Council: Towards an Enhanced Patent Litigation System and a Community Patent – How to Take Discussions Further

2007-07-13 EU Horns: EU Presidency: Towards an Enhanced Patent Litigation System and a Community Patent – How to Take Discussions Further

2007-07-16 US ResearchOnInnovation: Abstract Patents and Software

2007-07-16 US ResearchOnInnovation: Innovation at Risk: The empirical case that today’s patent system discourages innovators—and how it might be fixed

2007-07-16 US NYTimes: A Patent Is Worth Having, Right? Well, Maybe Not

2007-07-13 IN IndianTimes: US apex court, India’s best friend? 2007-07-13 EU Slashdot: Software Patent Debate Over in Europe For Now?

Software Patent News June 2007

What happened in June 2007 concerning software patents and related topics: Latest news linked to dossiers and tutorials provided by FFII and a community of wiki editors. 2007-06-29 EU IPkat: EPLA or bust? Robin Jacob speaks out

2007-06-27 EU RobertoGaloppini: Open Source Advocacy: from hecklers to lobbyists (part II)

2007-06-27 EU FFII Eupat: EU Presidency Symposium in Munich, last pro-EPLA rally of the German Presidency

2007-06-27 EU IAM: Europe, the US and patent reform

2007-06-27 EU IAM: EPO conference may mean CII Directive is back on the agenda

2007-06-27 EU FFII: FFII puts up a prize in fight against Microsoft Office standardisation

2007-06-26 UK mondaq: UK: Software – Cases Shed New Light On Patentability

2007-06-25 EU SCRIPT-ed: The day after the Computer-Implemented Inventions Directive: who won the battle and when shall the war end? 2007-06-22 US Technocrat: Free QA for patent trolls. Why?

Software Patent News May 2007

What happened in May 2007 concerning software patents and related topics: Latest news linked to dossiers and tutorials provided by FFII and a community of wiki editors. 2007-05-30 US ZDNet: Kill the patents, kill the problem

2007-05-30 US eWeek: MS Sees No Conflict with Its Patent/Open Source Initiatives

2007-05-29 US eWeek: The Patent Puzzle

2007-05-29 UK The Register: UK firms contest ‘absurd’ software patent ruling

2007-05-29 US Broadcom PR: Federal Jury Finds That Qualcomm Infringes Three Broadcom Patents

2007-05-28 WW ComputerWorld: From vapourware to scareware, Microsoft keeps innovating

2007-05-25 US Groklaw: Novell has filed its 10K & patent agreement: may be restricted in ability to include GPLv3 code; MS may cease to distribute

2007-05-25 US SEC: Microsoft – Novell patent cooperation agreement

2007-05-25 WW Gamasutra: Feature: ‘Patent Strategy in the Game Industry’

2007-05-25 WW BetaNews: Linux Foundation: We Have Our Own Patent ‘Arsenal’

2007-05-24 WW e-Literate: New Patent Information Center at EDUCAUSE

2007-05-24 EU JBKempf: Bored with Debian – x264 patents

2007-05-24 US Slashdot: Sony Sued for Blu-Ray Patent Violation

2007-05-24 US Gamespot: Sony sued over Blu-ray

2007-05-24 EU Europarl: report on Putting knowledge into practice: A broad-based innovation strategy for Europe

2007-05-25 US IAM: The European Parliament does it again

2007-05-25 EU Horns: EU Parliament Demanding EPO To Be Integrated Into European Community

2007-05-23 US CNET: Red Hat: Software patents slow innovation

2007-05-23 US CNET: Novell to detail Microsoft patent pact

2007-05-23 WW ZDNet blogs (Ed Burnette): Sun prepared to defend Red Hat and Ubuntu against Microsoft patent threats

2007-05-23 US InfoWorld: Microsoft says licensing protects customers

2007-05-23 US InfoWorld: Novell and EFF team on patent reform

2007-05-24 WW Simon Phipps (Sun): Seven Patent Reforms While We Wait For Nirvana

2007-05-23 EU IPKat: More EPO technical thoughts

2007-05-22 EU DigiMaj: What’s wrong with software patents? 2007-05-22 US Ars Technica: Microsoft funds questionable study attacking GPL 3 draft process

2007-05-22 WW TechWorld: Ubuntu founder: Microsoft is our patent pal

2007-05-22 WW ZDNet: Red Hat CEO decries software patents

2007-05-22 US ZDNet Asia: Microsoft will not sue over Linux patents

2007-05-21 WW Mark Webbink: Ten Reasons The World Needs Patent Covenants

2007-05-17 US IDG News Service: Microsoft asserts patents, wants weaker system

2007-05-21 WW Mark Shuttleworth: Microsoft is not the real threat

2007-05-18 US PC Magazine: Microsoft’s Patent Threats Evoke Retorts

2007-05-17 US SearchEnterpriseLinux: Microsoft’s anti-Linux patent claims: Arm-twisting for Novell-like deals

2007-05-17 US The Globe and Mail: Walk softly and carry a big sheaf of patents

2007-05-17 US ZDNet blogs (Ed Burnette): Microsoft Windows and Office violate 532 patents? 2007-05-16 UK IPKat: UK-IPO Opinion: Photomosaics “not novel”

2007-05-16 US FSF: ‘Play Ogg’: FSF launches free audio format campaign

2007-05-17 US InformationWeek: CEO Of Open-Source Software Vendor SugarCRM Speaks Out

2007-05-17 US WSJ Law Blog: Law Blog Q&A: Sun Microsystems GC Mike Dillon

2007-05-17 EU Digimaj: The Economics of Examination

2007-05-17 EU Stikyminds: SMEs Challenge Patent Office Over

2007-05-17 EU Horns: UK SMEs Challenging UK-IPO’s Policy on Patentability Of CIIs

2007-05-17 US ZDNet Asia: Microsoft’s patent quest won’t go far, experts say

2007-05-15 US dive into Mark (Mark Pilgrim): Outrageous

2007-05-15 US Washington Post: Microsoft’s patent hard line hardest on startups

2007-05-15 US InformationWeek: Linus Torvalds Responds To Microsoft Patent Claims

2007-05-15 US LXer: LXer ‘classics’: 101 patents Microsoft may infringe

2007-05-14 US Slashdot: TiVo Awarded Patent For Password You Can’t Hack

2007-05-14 US Slashdot: Microsoft Says Free Software Violates 235 Patents

2007-05-12 US The Guardian: Google may use games to analyse net users

2007-05-13 WW CNN Money: Microsoft takes on the free world

2007-05-10 EU Cordis: Potocnik calls for more flexible approach to knowledge transfer

2007-05-10 US Bloomberg: Vonage Says It May Have Way Around Disputed Patents

2007-05-10 WW CBR Online: Novell and Microsoft detail 12 new Linux coupon customers

2007-05-10 US Slashdot: Amazon Cries ‘Uncle’ to End IBM Patent Feud

2007-05-09 US WRAL LocalTechWire: Patent Quality Crisis: Examiners Join Calls for Reform

2007-05-09 US Flat Planet and a Phone: Jajah gets $20m and Intel’s patents

2007-05-08 US InformationWeek: Patent Impact: How Innovation Is Different In IT

2007-05-08 US BetaNews: Amazon Settles Patent Suit with IBM, ‘Methods’ Debate Forestalled

2007-05-08 US InternetNews: Amazon Ponies Up to End IBM Patent Suits

2007-05-07 US TradingMarkets: IBM And Amazon Agree To Bury The Hatchet On Patent Issues – Update

2007-05-07 US Send2Press: The Original Patent Troll Returns

2007-05-08 US IHT: Can you patent wisdom? 2007-05-08 US IAM: A German judge comments on software patents

2007-05-08 EU Horns: Patentability of CIIs: New Developments

2007-05-08 US AHN: IBM, Amazon Settle Long-Standing Patent Feud

2007-05-14 US The New Yorker: Exporting I.P.

2007-05-08 EU DM: German Judge Melullis speaks on software patents

2007-05-07 EU DM: Linux, Dell, Novell, Microsoft…

Software Patent News April 2007

What happened in April 2007 concerning software patents and related topics: Latest news linked to dossiers and tutorials provided by FFII and a community of wiki editors. 2007-04-30 US Reuters: Top court rules for Microsoft on patent (in the ATT vs MSFT case)

2007-04-30 US Arstechnica: Supreme Court ruling makes “obvious” patents harder to defend

2007-04-30 US Bloomberg: Top U.S. Court Clears Way for More Patent Challenges

2007-04-29 US Patently O: 2007 Patent Reform: Proposed Amendments on Damages

2007-04-28 US Brough Turner: Ringback tone patents

2007-04-27 US Courier-journal: Lexington company sues Google over patent

2007-04-27 US InternetFinancialNews: Google Sued For Adding Options To Links

2007-04-26 EU Digimaj: Who would benefit from a European patent court? 2007-04-26 US Reuters: Forgent settles patent lawsuit with 9 companies

2007-04-26 US MSN Money: Forgent collects $20M from patent cases

2007-04-26 US MSN Money: House Panel Urges Patent Bill Compromise

2007-04-26 US The Chief Officer’s Network: US: Software Patents – is code patentable? 2007-04-27 DE Verivox: German business associations are warning Europe of an “Intellectual own-goal”

2007-04-26 US Dondodge: Patent lunacy defense

2007-04-26 US IPBIZ: Congressional hearing on April 26 on patent reform

2007-04-26 CN Roberto Galoppini: File Format War: more on China’s position on open standards

2007-04-26 DE PresseBox: German business associations are warning Europe of an “Intellectual own-goal”

2007-04-26 US ChiefOfficers: US: Software Patents – is code patentable? 2007-04-25 IE SiliconRepublic: A patently obvious mistake?

Software Patent News March 2007

What happened in March 2007 concerning software patents and related topics: Latest news linked to dossiers and tutorials provided by FFII and a community of wiki editors. 2007-03-31 US 43(B)log: What Ifs? Patents

2007-03-30 US ArticleSnatch: Google Files Patent For Targeting In-Game Ads

2007-03-29 US PCWorld: Vonage Could Go Bankrupt, Analyst Warns

2007-03-29 US The Age: Infringement Fears Haunt Patent Project

2007-03-29 US BusinessWeek: Small businesses call for patent reform

2007-03-29 US Ann Arbor Business Review: It’s a long, winding road to a software patent

2007-03-29 WW PhysOrg: Latest Draft of GPL 3 Comes Under Fire

2007-03-29 WW ComputerWorld: GPLv3 third draft: Linus likes it, ACT hates it (-> ACT)

2007-03-26 UK The Lawyer: Software augurs hard decisions

2007-03-28 US Slashdot: USPTO New Accelerated Review Process

2007-03-28 US Metamerist: Knuth to PTO

2007-03-27 US Bloomberg: Apple, Dell and Sony Added to Bluetooth Patent Suit

2007-03-26 EU TheRegister: Ideas behind computer games can be copied

2007-03-26 EU FSFE: UK court says ideas in games can be imitated

2007-03-26 US SmartPhoneToday: Palm Granted Stay in Patent Infringement Lawsuit

2007-03-26 EU SiliconRepublic: Change to patent tax law urged in light of EU demand

2007-03-23 US IPBiz: Coalition for 21st Century Patent Reform

2007-03-23 EU SiliconRepublic: EU demands change to Irish patent tax law

2007-03-23 US Slashdot: Vonage Barred From Using Verizon VoIP Patents

2007-03-23 US Bloomberg: Vonage Internet Calls to Phone Lines Blocked by Judge

2007-03-23 US ZDNet: Judge halts patent case against Palm

2007-03-23 US AG-IP: Microsoft Announces Broad Patent Agreement

2007-03-23 US Mad4mobilephones: Sony Ericsson to route phone calls through your TV

2007-03-23 UK ZDNet: European Patent Office scotches appeal for review

2007-03-22 US ZDNet: Which GPL Will Be At The Bottom Of The Incline? 2007-03-23 US ZDNet: Stallman’s Fight Stalls GPL Version 3

2007-03-23 US Slashdot: PTO Rejects Instant Live Patent

2007-03-21 UK TimesOnline: Court has no patent jurisdiction

2007-03-20 EU Bailli: Research in Motion UK Limited Vs Inpro Licensing S.A.R.L.

2007-03-20 EU Ars Technica: ISPs could be forced to police user behavior in Europe (Criminal Measures IP Directive)

2007-03-20 EU PCWorld: EU Weighs Copyright Law (Criminal Measures IP Directive) (Slashdot)

2007-03-21 EU ThruthAboutTrade: Commentary: The People’s IP Protection

2007-03-21 US InformationWeek: A Fix For Microsoft’s Patent FUD? 2007-03-21 EU TheLawyer: European Patent Office snubs UK Court of Appeal

2007-03-19 EU Out-Law: EPO rejects Court of Appeal request to review software patent law

2007-03-21 EU Horns: McCreevy On European Patent Policy: “We Must Strike Now While The Iron Is Hot”

2007-03-21 US CRN: ITC to probe Microsoft patent complaint against Alcatel

2007-03-20 EU Europa: Speech by Commissioner McCreevy at the European Parliament’s Legal Affairs Committee (JURI)

2007-03-20 EU Legal Affairs Committee washes hands in innocence (Criminal Measures IP Directive)

2007-03-20 EU Results of JURI vote on IP Criminal Measures Enforcement Directive

2007-03-20 UK The Lawyer: Bloomberg failure blow to software patent push

2007-03-15 EU EuropeanVoice: McCreevy aims to end 40-year-old patent battle

2007-03-06 US LWN: Patent Fights Are a Legacy of MP3’s Tangled Origins (NYTimes)

2007-03-16 US The Patent Prospector: Recent settlements

2007-03-16 UK IPKat: Pomp – under no circumstance

2007-03-07 UK TheRegister: English court cannot hear SanDisk MP3 patent case

2007-03-10 UK Afterdawn: English court wont hear SanDisk MP3 patent case

2007-03-16 EU Macworld: CEBIT: Companies raided on show floor for patent infringement

2007-03-16 US Seekingalpha: Microsoft Gets Boost in Alcatel Patent Battle

2007-03-15 EU UKPO: The text of the President of the EPO’s letter to Jacob LJ

2007-03-15 US Washington Post: Qualcomm, Broadcom Settle Patent Dispute

2007-03-15 US InformationWeek: It’s Not The U.S. Patent And Propaganda Office, Is It?

Software Patent News February 2007

What happened in February 2007 concerning software patents and related topics: Latest news linked to dossiers and tutorials provided by FFII and a community of wiki editors. 2007-02-27 US ZDNet: Tech Policy Summit: Patent Office head lays out reform strategy

2007-02-28 US ITJungle: Ballmer Dismisses Linux Threat, Talks Up Intellectual Property

2007-02-27 UK OSNews: UK Gov: No Software Patents in the UK

2007-02-28 UK IPKat: SanDisk – in the wrong country? 2007-02-28 UK IPKat: Another setback for Amazon 1-click

2007-02-28 US ITBusinessEdge: Protecting Linux Users from Microsoft Patent Suits

2007-02-28 US Technocrat: Help Lobby Washington To Protect Open Source from Software Patents – First Steps

2007-02-27 US CCIA: Alcatel Patent Verdict Signals Danger

2007-02-27 US ZDNet: Tech Policy Summit: Fixing the patent system…soon

2007-02-27 US Slashdot: MP3’s Loss, Open Source’s Gain

2007-02-27 US Infoworld: Lawsuits, patent claims silence Black Hat talk

2007-02-27 US Slashdot: British Government Comes Out Against ‘Pure’ Software Patents

2007-02-27 UK 10DowningStreet: Softwarepatents – epetition reply

2007-02-27 DE BMJ: Conference on Patent Law: A Europe of Innovation – Fit for the Future? 2007-02-27 US Reuters: Vonage calls Verizon’ patent lawsuit ‘frivolous’

2007-02-27 US Masdailynews: Texas MP3 Technologies sues Apple, Samsung, Sandisk over alleged patent-infringement

2007-02-27 US Techdirt: Patent Panel Offers No Real Solution To Patent Problem

2007-02-25 EU FFII: Status of software patents in Europe (ogg format) (Video player to watch it)

2007-02-25 EU Foo: There Is No Ethical Patent

2007-02-21 US TechLiberation: An Encouraging Oral Argument on Software Patents

2007-02-22 US Gehrkelaw: Court Takes on Software Patents

2007-02-22 US Washingtonpost: Court Takes on Software Patents

2007-02-26 EU Horns: A New Strategy Of FFII

2007-02-26 EU Epot: Saturday @ Fosdem

2007-02-26 US SupremeCourt: Microsoft Corp Vs ATT Corp

2007-02-26 US TechLawForum: Software Patents May Go the Way of the Dodo

2007-02-26 US CRN: Alcatel-Lucent won’t be seeing any Microsoft money soon

2007-02-26 UK ZDNet: Why you should care about Microsoft’s patent payout

2007-02-25 US Slashdot: Mr. Ballmer, Show Us the Code

2007-02-24 UK Lasp: Why falling at the third hurdle is better than winning the race…. 2007-02-24 US LATimes: Patent problems in patent law

2007-02-24 US Crunchgear: Patent Monkey: Details on Alcatel’s $1.5 B Win Against Microsoft

2007-02-23 UK IPKat: Death of the “technical effect” test in the UK

2007-02-23 US Genengnews: Acacia Research Reports Fourth Quarter and Year End Financial Results

2007-02-23 US Marketwatch: Former Bell Labs researcher played role in Microsoft patent case

2007-02-23 UK BBC: Patent row could hit MP3 industry

2007-02-23 US ZDNet blog: Software patents and the dependency problem

2007-02-23 US Arstechnica: Microsoft and free software movement tag-team the Supreme Court

2007-02-23 US ITWorldCanada: Microsoft, AT&T duke out patent dispute in court

2007-02-23 US P2PNet: Has patent law broken down?

Software Patent News January 2007

What happened in January 2007 concerning software patents and related topics: Latest news linked to dossiers and tutorials provided by FFII and a community of wiki editors. 2007-01-31 US Automation: Patent Office validates National Instruments’ LabVIEW Patent

2007-01-31 EU EDRI: ENDitorial : Constitution by criminalisation

2007-01-30 UK Peter Groves: Gowers Review (summary of symposium)

2007-01-30 US Yahoo: Imaging Diagnostic Systems Updates Patent Scorecard

2007-01-30 CN People: Third revision drafted for Patent Law (“it also […] extends the scope of patent infringement exemptions”)

2007-01-30 US Bizjournals: MP3 patent suit could affect hundreds of companies

2007-01-30 EU Fosdem: Interview: Aleksey Bragin

2007-01-29 US ZDNet: Vista to give HD Photo format more exposure

2007-01-29 EU TheStreet: Reinventing the Inventor

2007-01-29 US ZDNet: Microsoft backpedals on programming patent

2007-01-29 EU LWN: FFII on proposed OpenXML adoption

2007-01-29 US Slashdot: Microsoft Retracts Patent

2007-01-29 US Groklaw: A Brave New Modular World – Another MS Patent Application

2007-01-29 US MSDN: Update: Response to BlueJ Patent Issues

2007-01-28 US Pubpat: Patent Office grants pubpat requests to reexamine EpicRealm dynamic website patents

2007-01-28 US SOA World Magazine: IBM Hit with Mega-Buck Antitrust Tying Charges

2007-01-25 US National Instruments Patent Upheld

2007-01-29 WW FFII: FFII opposes Fasttrack adoption of Microsoft OOXML format as ISO standard

2007-01-27 IE Finfacts: Intellectual Property symposium told of 18 million patent backlog throughout the world

2007-01-27 NZ Scoop: IP Heavyweights Address Global Challenges

2007-01-27 US ITNews: New Linux Foundation must be part lawyer, part peacemaker

2007-01-27 US InformationWeek: Sun Exec Rips Microsoft Patent Application

2007-01-27 US AmericasNetwork: Broadcom did not infringe on Qualcomm patents, jury says

2007-01-27 US ZDNet: Microsoft copies BlueJ, admits it, then patents it

2007-01-27 US Fistfulofeuros: Brio and Open-Source Hardware

2007-01-27 US FinanzNachrichten: Jury Finds Broadcom Does Not Infringe Two Qualcomm Patents

2007-01-27 EU IP-watch: Piracy, Innovation Top Developed-Country Industry Priority List

2007-01-27 DE Horns: German Government Initiating Ratification of EPC2000

2007-01-27 US Slashdot: Microsoft Copies Idea, Admits It, Then Patents It

2007-01-27 EU DigiMaj: The EPO explains its true mission

2007-01-26 US Slashdot: Jury Rules That H.264 is Not Patented

2007-01-26 UK IPKat: Sony’s metadata structures found not patentable (kind of)

2007-01-26 UK Out-Law/The Register: Sony’s video metadata invention could be patentable in part

2007-01-26 EU Heise: German government plans to ratify amendments to patent agreement

2007-01-25 US PFF: Solutions for Software Patents: Notes From Under My Desk (SourceWatch on PFF)

2007-01-25 US AgIpNews: Sipro Lab Telecom Issues Statement on Patents

2007-01-25 US Groklaw: Patent Office Orders Re-Examination of Blackboard Patent

2007-01-25 US MarkAufflick: Patent Office Orders Re-Examination of Blackboard Patent

2007-01-25 US 271patent: John Love Named Deputy Commissioner for USPTO Patent Examination Policy

2007-01-25 US TechLiberation: Software Patent of the Week: Visual Programming

2007-01-25 US Business Wire: ASD Files Patent Infringement Lawsuit Against Fiserv and Federal Reserve Banks

2007-01-24 SA Legalbrief Today: Software patents still being filed in SA

2007-01-25 US Seb Schmoller: United States Patent & Trademark Office orders re-examination of Blackboard Patent

2007-01-24 EU Euractiv: EU businesses support ‘open’ innovation and IP

2007-01-08 US FT: Beware the ‘patent trolls’ of finance

2007-01-23 US Bloomberg: Fiserv, Federal Reserve Banks Accused of Patent Infringement

2007-01-22 US Patently-O: Follow-on to Professor Merges: High-Tech Calls For Reform

2007-01-22 US Ocbj: Europe Now Has a Common Currency, But Patent Process Still All Over Map (registration required)

2007-01-22 US Masstlc: Open Source: Microsoft & Novell – Building Bridges

2007-01-22 US Groklaw: Dan Bricklin Wants to Pick Your Brain re Novell-Microsoft Meeting – Updated

2007-01-22 US SearchEngineLand: Google’s OneBox Patent Application

2007-01-22 ZA Tectonic: Multi-nationals ignore SA patent law

2007-01-22 EU Cordis: Companies gain by sharing intellectual property, finds survey

2007-01-22 ZA GraphicRepro: Xerox awarded 27 per cent more patents in 2006

2007-01-22 US Legal Theory Blog: Mennell on Patent Reform

2007-01-22 US Red Herring: Startup Slaps IBM with Antitrust Suit

2007-01-21 US Feld: Emperical Evidence of Why Software Patents Are Bad (or Good) – Part 1

2007-01-21 US Patently-O: Merges: Back to the Shadows, or Onward and Upward? Current Trends in Patent Law

2007-01-22 US Seattle PI: E-mail from the grave? Microsoft seeks patent on ‘immortal computing’

2007-01-21 WW DQ Channels: Epson, MS cross-license patent holdings

2007-01-21 US Heartland Institute: Patent Law Confuses Application with Invention (SourceWatch on HI)

2007-01-19 US PCWorld: Snooping Software Creator Sues Apple (not about software)

2007-01-19 US Gamasutra: The Ten Most Important Video Game Patents

2007-01-19 EU WIPO: Colloquia on Selected Patent Issues

2007-01-19 US PatentlyO: Jeff Steck: Saving the Supreme Court from Folk Science

2007-01-19 CN People: Chinese TV makers to be squeezed by U.S. digital TV patent charge

2007-01-19 US SignOnSanDiego: Witness rebuts patent claims by Qualcomm

2007-01-19 IE Finfacts: Value generation trumps asset protection in European intellectual property strategies

2007-01-19 US Samba: There is a light that never goes out

2007-01-18 CA Canada: Nortel-Microsoft alliance lands Shell deal

2007-01-18 US SignOnSanDiego: Patent expert testifies for Qualcomm

2007-01-18 DE FAZ: Was heißt hier schon trivial? (German; short review of the sw patent debate with several examples)

2007-01-17 DE PatentFrei: EU Council Presidency – SME call for change in patent policy

2007-01-17 EU IP-Watch: Patent Reform, Copyright Enforcement Are Key European IP Issues for 2007

2007-01-16 US ACM: The patent holder’s dilemma: buy, sell, or troll?

Software Patent News December 2006

What happened in December 2006 concerning software patents and related topics: Latest news linked to dossiers and tutorials provided by FFII and a community of wiki editors. 2006-12-28 US eWeek: Judge Dismisses Patent Lawsuit Against Google

2006-12-29 US MSNBC: US patents for financial services boost

2006-12-13 US NiallKennedy: Talking Linux IP with Bill Gates

2006-12-27 US MSNBC: Bankers are beating path to patent office

2006-12-27 US Chicago Tribune: Google wins dismissal of suit over search patents

2006-12-27 US TelematicsJournal: TCS Awarded New Location Patent

2006-12-26 US InformationWeek: Microsoft Defends RSS Patent Applications

2006-12-23 US Finanznarichten: Garmin Obtains Complete Victory on TomTom Patents, Will Pursue Own Patent Claims Against TomTom

2006-12-23 WW British Medical Journal: Scrooge and intellectual property rights (Slashdot discussion)

2006-12-22 US Slashdot: ESR’s Desktop Linux 2008 Deadline

2006-12-22 US TechWorld: Samba co-founder leaves ‘pariah’ Novell

2006-12-22 US InformationWeek: Microsoft Seeks RSS Patents; Blogosphere Worries

2006-12-21 EU RobertGaloppini: European Patent Conference invitation (wed 24 January, Brussels)

2006-12-21 US Cpilive: Door open to open-source pacts

2006-12-20 US ACS Blog: Report: Patent Law Stifles Drug Innovation (-> Slashdot)

2006-12-18 UK The Register: Halliburton loses software patent appeal in UK

2006-12-18 US Computerworld: GPLv3 touted as foil to Microsoft-Novell deal

2006-12-18 US News-leader: Peerflix could gain clout from patent

2006-12-18 US Patently-O: Microsoft v. AT&T: Transnational Patent Law At The Supreme Court

2006-12-18 US UnionLeader: Bryan Lord: NH’s future rests on intellectual property rights

2006-12-18 US Timedispatch: Ask the propeller heads: Patent dispute at heart of surfer’s pop-up blues

2006-12-18 US Computerworld: Amazon says IBM infringes patents in WebSphere

2006-12-18 EU Vanguardngr: Changes by ETSI will reduce the uncertainty around intellectual property rights — GSMA

2006-12-18 US ITNewsonline: US Software Patents Have No Right to Cover Activity Outside of the US

2006-12-18 US Usability: 79 Usability Patents by Jakob Nielsen

2006-12-18 US Lasers-in-the-jungle: a letter from Knuth to the U.S. Patent Office in Sept. 2003

2006-12-18 US Lambda-the-ultimate: Theorem proving and patents… 2006-12-18 US Nypost: Online DVD service may stir patent furor

2006-12-16 US Slashdot: China Readies Royalty-Free DVD Format, Again

2006-12-16 US Slashdot: Microsoft Deems Emotiflags Patent-Worthy

2006-12-15 US TechDirt: But What Are Software Patents Good For? 2006-12-15 US TechDirt: Patent Reform At Amazon And IBM Apparently Means Suing The Crap Out Of Each Other

2006-12-15 US Softwarefreedom: Software Freedom Law Center Files Brief with Supreme Court Arguing Against Software Patents

2006-12-15 US Softwarefreedom: Brief filed in Microsoft v. AT&T

2006-12-15 US Groklaw: SFLC Files Briefs with Supreme Court Arguing Against Software Patents

2006-12-14 US Groklaw: Open Invention Network’s Jerry Rosenthal Answers Your Questions

2006-12-14 DE Computerworld: SanDisk MP3 patent battle still ongoing

2006-12-14 US Broadcastnewsroom: Acacia Technologies Acquires Rights to Patent for Medical Monitoring Technology

2006-12-14 US ZDNet UK: How to Google the Wright patent

2006-12-13 US CNET: Senator: Expect data privacy and patent law rewrite

2006-12-14 EU AGIP: EP Civil Liberties Committee Criminalizes Business Conflicts

2006-12-14 EU FFII: EP Civil Liberties committee criminalises business conflicts

2006-12-13 EU CEO: ExxonMobil and DG Internal Market win worst EU Lobby Awards 2006

2006-12-14 EU Euobserver: Dodgy EU lobbying in spotlight

2006-12-14 EU Eux: ExxonMobil wins Worst EU Lobby Award (DG Internal Market wins award for “worst priviledged access” for Patent Consultation)

2006-12-14 EU Heise: Worst Lobby Award (dt.) (Worst Privileged Access: EU Commission, Worst Lobby: Exxon)

2006-12-13 EU ZDNet: Patent Office considers Wiki peer review

2006-12-13 US IBM Research: The evolution of intellectual property (official report (PDF) from an IBM conference July 2006 on IP)

2006-12-12 US Sakai: Patent Defense Mechanisms for Open Source Communities

2006-12-12 UK Schmoller: UK Treasury’s Gowers Review picks up on the Blackboard Patent

2006-12-12 US Signonsandiego: Qualcomm infringed on patent from rival

2006-12-12 US Newswireless: In praise of Gowers

2006-12-12 US Netpr: Customers Strongly Endorse New Microsoft-Novell Deal

2006-12-12 EU TheRegister: Plan for European patent court may fail, says EU Commissioner

2006-12-11 WW LXer: Microsoft answers IP questions posed in LXer open letter

2006-12-11 EU Out-law: Plan for European patent court may fail, says EU Commissioner

2006-12-07 EU EuropeanVoice: Intellectual property fights

2006-12-07 EU EuropeanVoice: Europe should wake its sleeping patents

2006-12-07 EU EuropeanVoice: Fed-up McCreevy puts EU patent bid on back burner

2006-12-07 EU EuropeanVoice: Can Europe afford to patent and protect?

Software Patent News November 2006

What happened in November 2006 concerning software patents and related topics: Latest news linked to dossiers and tutorials provided by FFII and a community of wiki editors. 2006-11-30 US NewsForge: Software Freedom Law Center to challenge Blackboard patent

2006-11-30 US Information Week: Center Seeks To Overturn E-Learning Patent

2006-11-30 US Open-source group wants educational patent reversed

2006-11-29 US ZDNet: Patent reform needs to go further

2006-11-29 EU Pingwales: EC report on software patents ignores small IT firms

2006-11-29 EU ZDnet Opinion: Small doesn’t mean insignificant

2006-11-29 EU PC Pro: Big businesses boast of patent benefits, for small businesses

2006-11-29 US SCOTUSBlog: Analysis: Patent law made for tinkerers? (hearing transcript)

2006-11-29 EU TechWorld: EC report ‘a mockery’ say anti-patent protestors

2006-11-29 EU ZDnet: FFII slams EC taskforce over software patents

2006-11-29 EU [ffii:press:Press_releases/Patent_industry_writes_ICT_task_force_report_%22on_behalf_of_SMEs%22|FFII: Patent industry writes ICT task force report “on behalf of SMEs”]]

2006-11-29 US FT: Supreme Court writes rules to restrict poor quality patents

2006-11-29 US Herald Tribune: In patent case, ‘obvious’ meaning is not apparent

2006-11-28 US Globe and Mail: RIM patent case a ‘lightning rod’ in rethinking system

2006-11-28 US Council on Foreign Relations: Current Patent System is Misguided and Hinders U.S. Competitiveness, Argues New Council Special Report

2006-11-28 EU Patents out, business conflicts still criminalised (-> IPRED2)

2006-11-29 EU Europa: More interoperability needed to boost the European ICT industry’s competitiveness

2006-11-29 EU Horns: EU Task Force on ICT Competitiveness and Uptake: More Interoperability Needed to Boost the European ICT Industry’s Competitiveness

2006-11-29 CH WIPO Colloquium: Standards and Patents

2006-11-28 US Business Week: VoIP Patents: Innovation — and Lawsuits

2006-11-28 UK FT: Doubt cast on ‘quick and easy’ patents (A survey says no to utility-model patents)

2006-11-27 US Week: Alcatel Sues Microsoft Over Patent Claims

2006-11-27 KR AFX/Tech News World: Microsoft Loses Patent Suit in South Korea

2006-11-27 KR IT Wire: Microsoft’s Korea troubles with a patent lawsuit

2006-11-27 KR The Register: Korean court rebuffs Microsoft in patents case

2006-11-27 US New York Times: Supreme Court to examine ‘obviousness’ of patents

2006-11-27 US FT Editorial: Litigation taxes

2006-11-27 US Newsforge: Software patent conference outlines problems, possible solutions (MIT/Boston U)

2006-09-22 EU Max Planck Institute: Statement on Directive on Criminal Measures Aimed at Ensuring the Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights (IPRED 2)

2006-11-26 IN Harish Palaniappan: Software Patents, Digital Rights Management, One-CPU licenses…truck load of Digital nonsense? 2006-11-26 US Slashdot: SCOTUS Set To Examine Combinatory Patents

2006-11-26 US Washington Post: Businesses Split on Patent Case

2006-11-24 US Post-Gazette: Fannie Mae to allow lenders free use of software patent

2006-11-26 US Slashdot: So What If Linux Infringes On Microsoft IP? 2006-11-22 US Slashdot: LSI Patents the Doubly-Linked List

2006-11-22 WW IAM: Why it’s time to speak the right language

2006-11-22 WW Infoworld: Mark Webbink on Microsoft and appeasement

2006-11-22 EU Techno: Slides of the STOA Workshop on Policy options for the European patent system

2006-11-22 US Techp: Protest the Microsoft-Novell Patent Agreement

2006-11-22 US Technocrat: Open Letter to Novell

2006-11-21 WW ZDNet Opinion: Painting over the patent earthquake

2006-11-21 US Seattle Post-Intelligencer: Alcatel sues Microsoft over 7 patents

2006-11-22 EU Digital Majority: GRUR: how to guide European Court of Justice to SW-Pats

2006-11-20 US Wi-Fi standards face patent threat

2006-11-21 EU HebertSmith: Exclusions from patentability – The Court of Appeal sets a four stage test

2006-11-20 EU Commission: Charlie McCreevy speaks to the European Parliament JURI Committee

2006-11-20 US P. Brooks’ Patent Infringement Updates: The Patent System: Victims and Victors

2006-11-20 EU TLC: Amsterdam Conference: IP, Software Patents and Copyright Law: Avoiding the Legal Pitfalls of Open Source

2006-11-20 EU Auctionbytes: eBay Patent War: Patents, Lies and Videotape

2006-11-20 UK FFII UK: Analysis of the Court of Appeal’s Decision in Macrossan and Aerotel

2006-11-17 US BusinessWire: Sonic Solutions Files Patent Infringement Complaint Against Nero AG and Nero Inc.

2006-11-17 US PcPro: Sonic burns Nero with multimedia patent dispute

2006-11-17 ZA Fin24: Novell’s pact with the devil…